Sailing, Cruise & Beach

Germany's Finest

Variation is life, and this baby ticks all the boxes. Booming cities, medieval castles, river kayaking, rock climbing, gingerbread munching and beer tasting. All in just 8 days, and exclusive to travellers aged 21-45. Germany, let's be seeing you"


Day 1 | Frankfurt
We'll break ice over a welcome party & tasty German street food on-board our boat. By night we can wander Frankfurt, taking in the contrasts of towering sky scrapers & ancient abodes, and getting amongst the buzzing night life.

Day 2 | Miltenberg
We'll cast off from Frankfurt in the AM, leaving you to snooze peacefully en route to Aschaffenburg. Here you can take a cycle along the river before we move on to the traditional houses, river front vistas of Miltenberg.

U Stone & Grapes

Day 3 | Wurzburg
By the early morning we'll arrive in Lohr, the birthplace of the real life Snow White. Cycling enthusiasts can disembark here & bicycle to Karlstadt, where we'll regroup & move to our night haunt & palace town of Wurzburg.

U Baroque Palace
U Beautiful Rothenburg

Day 4 | Wurzburg
This morning you can head to the Green Market with our on-board chef, where you'll pick up tips & ingredients for the night's slow food cooking class. There's also an optional excursion to romantic Rothenburg before we snuggle down on the boat for a group movie night.

Day 5 | Bamberg
Rising & shining in Bamberg, we'll fill up on breakfast before exploring the beer capital of Franconia by bike. Then it's over to you to choose an optional activity; think brewery hopping, kayaking or rock climbing. By night our boat will host a local DJ, swinging us into the evening.

U Paddle power
U Hang on

Day 6 | Nuremberg
Stepping into Nuremberg means taking a journey back in time, to the beginning of WWII and earlier. The best way to get up to speed on the city's secrets is to explore on guided bike tour. Meanwhile, a beer mixology class & historical talk will entertain those staying boat side.

U War Bikes
U Spice is nice

Day 7 | Kelheim & Regensburg
After an early morning stop in Kelheim, it's onwards to Regensburg, where we'll find 2000 years of history & the world's oldest sausage restaurant. By eve we'll make the most of our final night on tour, and the high concentration of bars per square mile found in this city.

U Paddle to beer
U Revved engines

Day 8 | Regensburg
Waking up from the last of our blissful on-board sleeps, we'll pack our bags & say sombre goodbyes to both river cruising & our crew of travel comrades.

- Guided Bike Tour of Nuremberg
- Walking Tour of Bamberg Old Town
- Paddle To Beer Kayak & Brewery tour
- Revved Engines BMW Factory tour

Rolling On The Rhine

What begins in Frankfurt and ends in Amsterdam? 8 days of cheese tasting, canal cruising, museum wandering, fairy tale castle snapping and big city partying - pretty much the itinerary of dreams for the aged 21-45 traveller, right? Oh, and did we mention the on board DJ party in Dam? We know you're already sold"

Day 1 | Amsterdam
With 8 days of Rhine cruising ahead of us, we'll meet in festive spirits & board The A boat. We'll then commence the good times with a welcome shindig, drinks & some tasty Dutch street food, before hitting the bright lights of Dam for a night on the town.

Day 2 | Amsterdam & Haarlem
Carry on snoozing peacefully as we pull up anchor & pass Dutch countryside en route to Haarlem. Here you can marvel at traditional gabled houses, or tuck in to stroopwafel in a cosy cafe after a spot of museum hopping. By night we'll be back in the bright lights of Amsterdam.

U Church of beer
U Smell the flowers
U Feel the rush
U Red light special

Day 3 | Amsterdam
No trip to the "Venice of the North" would be complete without a cruise around the city's iconic waterways. We'll admire imperfect buildings & keep our eyes peeled for the narrowest house in the world. By night we'll be welcoming one of the city's best local DJs on board.

U A Secret Place
U A Mixologist's Dream
U Say Cheese

Day 4 | Amsterdam Duisurg & Cologne
Casting off from our base, we'll head to Duisburg where we'll be dropping off those keen on a picturesque cycle into Cologne. After dinner on board, we'll take you to the pretty, medieval Altstadt, where gothic architecture & homely beer halls will win you over.

U Mine biking

Day 5 | Cologne, Bonn & Koblenz
After admiring Cologne's cathedral of twin spires & the relics of the Three Magi (wise men), we'll stop by the pretty town of Bonn, where we can visit Beethoven's birth house. By night we'll drift to Koblenz & feast on a banquet in a bona fide medieval castle.

U German History
U Castle Dining

Day 6 | Koblenz, Rudesheim & Frankfurt
Leaving Koblenz, we'll watch fairytale castles & ruined fortresses before enjoying a sommelier talk & tasting on Riesling. In Rudesheim, we'll take a cycle & see a 12th century monastery (aka Game of Thrones set), before nesting in Frankfurt for a BBQ dinner & bout of partying.

U Abbey Wine

Day 7 | Frankfurt
Making the most of our final full day, we'll go exploring 'Mainhattan', Europe's largest financial centre. Take to the Old Town by foot or bike, stopping off at the Kleine Markthall for some local wares. Foodies can visit the market with our chef, buying produce for the evening's cooking class.

U Life of the Rothschilds

Day 8 | Frankfurt
Waking up from the last of our blissful on-board sleeps, we'll pack our bags & say sombre goodbyes to both river cruising & our crew of travel comrades. (B)

- Amsterdam Canal Cruise
- Visit to Cologne Cathedral
- Blokarting on the Beach
- Germanic Castle Banquet

The Danube Flow

Beginning in Bavaria and ending in Budapest, with a little taste of Vienna in between, this is the river cruising experience at its very best, exclusive for the 21-45 aged traveller. We're talking charcuterie tastings, we're talking bike rides on the Danube, we're talking a classical concert in Vienna and obviously, we're talking some spa action in Budapest.

Day 1 | Regensburg
We'll kick things off in Regensburg with a welcome party & tasty German street food aboard our pretty boat. Offering the highest concentration of bars per square mile, the night hours will be put to good use in this city.

Day 2 | Straubing, Vilshofen & Passau
Just as you're waking for breakfast we'll pull into Straubing. Here you can roam the town's ancient sites & gothic streets, & jump onto a bike ride to Vilshofen. By evening we'll enjoy a BBQ dinner on deck before finding the beer gardens of Passau's peaceful Old Town.

U Beer & Meat
U Into the Woods

Day 3 | Passau, Engelhartszell & Linz
After an early morning yoga session on deck, we'll admire the town's baroque cathedral & crooked lanes before hiking to two scenic viewpoints overlooking Passau. Later we'll arrive in the futuristic Austrian city of Linz, which will be peeled back by a guided walking tour.

U Deep Space
U Bike the Danube

Day 4 | Melk & Durnstein
Leaving Linz, we'll relax & take in the glorious Austrian landscape. A lunchtime stop at Melk, Wachau Valley will offer 900-years of history, a charming library, & a sombre visit to Mauthausen Concentration Camp. Later we'll arrive amidst the castle ruins & dream homes of Durnstein.

U Step back in Time
U A Vintner's Dinner

Day 5 | Vienna
Docking in Vienna by breakfast, we'll get orientated with Austria's elegant & artistic capital, taking a tram ride around the Ringstrasse. The rest of the day will be yours to explore & sign up to a suite of incredible optionals.

U Cooking with NENI
U Rock Me, Amadeus
U Above Vienna

Day 6 | Bratislava & Budapest
With its small town charm, Czech beer, & art deco cafes, Slovakia's capital won't disappoint. A walking tour will get you fully orientated, then the city is yours - unless you stay aboard where our chef will be teaching the art of Austrian deserts. By night, we'll dock in the arms of Budapest.

U River Wild
U Bridge jumping
U Ice Hockey
U Wakeboarding

Day 7 | Budapest
Majestic, sprawling, bohemian, post-modern - Budapest is so much more than a geothermal spa city. We'll take you to the covered market, where our chef will introduce you to some of Hungary's most iconic flavours. By night we'll feast like Kings on the produce we bought, before hitting the city's club scene.

Day 8 | Budapest
Tissues at the ready. Today will mark the end of our week of ocean festivities. We'll chow a final breakfast together before we officially wrap things up - it's time to move on & start planning our next Fly To Europe.

- Hike along the spectacular Inn River Gorge
- Guided walking tour of Classical Vienna
- Bike the Danube
- Budapest Thermal Baths

The Seine Experience

Life is always just a little bit finer in France. Exquisite foods, adventures inspired by the world's greatest artists, brushes with nature and night time mischief are all on the agenda as you cruise your way along the mighty Seine. Isn't that with any 21-45 aged traveller really wants?

Day 1 | Paris
The river roaming crew will meet & board the boat, preparing for 7 nights of fine French things & floating. A welcome reception & dinner will be followed by a taste of Paris by night, wandering the Seine & seeing the Eiffel in illuminated glory. (D)

U Paris: Shines Bright at Night

Day 2 | Conflans-Sainte-Honorine
With an early cast off from Paris we'll journey to the pretty town of Conflans Conflans-Sainte-Honorine. This landscape was famously painted by Van Gogh; whose footsteps we can walk in Auvers-sur-Oise. Back on board we'll enjoy cocktails & moonlight dancing. (B, D)

U Van Gogh
U Onboard - Chef's Master Class, cooking a Normandy lunch & eating with the chef in the galley

Day 3 | Rouen
Our third day will kick off with fresh croissants & a yoga class on the deck. History buffs can then dive into the D-Day landings in Normandy, whilst foodies can take a medieval walking & food market tour of Rouen. All topped off by a DJ to ease us from eve to early morning. (B, D)

U Full day Normandy beaches
U Old city bar crawl

Day 4 | Honfleur
After our arrival in Caudebec-en-Caux & Honfleur, a 7000-foot long cable-stayed bridge can have us standing 700 feet above sea level. This town is the gateway to France's picturesque Alabaster Coastline, & home to the famous apple orchard cider farms. No shortage of joy in these parts. (B) (D)

U Cliffs of Etretat
U A Norman Day

Day 5 | Vernon
After drifting through the night, we'll pull up in Vernon & La Roche Guyon for breakfast, where another quaint riverside town of higgledy piggledy houses & winding lanes awaits. Once on land you can grab a bike, cycling the easy 5-mile route to the artist Monet's hamlet of Giverny. (B, D)

U Monet's gardens at Giverny
U Kayak the Seine
U Paragliding in the Vexin National Park

Day 6 | Paris
Another overnight journey will see us pulling up in Paris by AM, where we can jump back into Parisian life. Explore by BatoBus or bike, or just stay aboard the boat where you can lose yourself in French lifestyle lectures & a champagne cocktail mixology class. (B, D)

U Street art walk
U Parisian cuisine
U Lady Marmalade

Day 7 | Paris
Our last day on the river will see us going out in style. We'll take one final early morning yoga session on deck before enjoying another day of Parisian life, allowing you to tick any final boxes like The Louvre or the Palace of Versailles. (B, D)

U The Louvre
U Parisian Rooftops
U Versailles fountains night show

Day 8 | Paris
Waking up from the last of our blissful on-board sleeps, we'll pack our bags & say sombre goodbyes to both river cruising & our crew of travel comrades. (B)

- Visit The Palace of Versailles
- Bike Ride the Seine
- Kayak the Seine
- Parisian Rooftops